PTA Minutes – March 3, 2011 Meeting



6:00 PM Tammy Garnes, President, welcomed everyone and led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Principal Dr. Luck gave his report which started with all of the fantastic publicity that Parkside has received lately including, students pictured in People magazine this week (page 98) with Jack Black and the zoo’s panda naming ceremony; Parkside students also made it to the Regionals beating 8 other schools in the Helen Ruffin Reading Competition; and Parkside’s Robotics Team was featured on CNN and made it to the Super Regionals.
Dr. Luck also reported that the dates for the CRCT testing have been pushed back to May this Spring.  Note that 1st and 2nd graders no longer have to take the CRCT.
March 18 is the Health Fair that will host over 20 vendors.  Dr. Luck encouraged everyone to participate.

Dr. Luck reported that the PreK Round Up at Parkside was last week and there are a lot of unknowns at this point since Governor Deal has recommended cutting PreK to a ½ day program.  Most parents and educators are against these cuts and are petitioning the politicians to keep it a full day program.

Beth Shorthouse updated us on the Box Tops fundraiser.  So far Parkside has collected 1300 Box Tops which equals $130.  She thinks we will end the year with approximately $200.  She encouraged everyone to ask their grandparents, friends, coworkers to collect Box Tops for us.  It is free money for the school.

Ms. Garnes thanked Aieda McFarland for organizing another wonderful Math and Science Night this year.  She always does an amazing job.

Tammy introduced our guests, Brenda Muhammad (APS School Board member), Sharron Pitts (APS Chief of Staff) and Dr. Park (APS Research and Planning Dept) and explained the history of zoning here at Parkside including last year’s zoning out of the Thomasville Heights neighborhood.  Parkside parents and administrators were told that there would be more re-zoning this year to get more Grant Park streets that are close to the school zoned into Parkside (ex. Delmar, Home, parts of Confederate).

Ms. Pitts reported that the bottom line is that there are no plans to rezone Parkside for the 11-12 school year.  Dr. Parks reported that every 10 years APS hires an outside consultant to make projections based on census data, housing trends, statistical predictions etc.  They also have in-house demographers who make recommendations.  Admittedly, Parkside’s zone has some oddly drawn lines that need to be fixed.  They are working on this now and hope to have the results in October.  This means that they will take their recommendations to the Board in November 2011.  Then there will be community meetings and feedback will be brought to the Board in March 2012.  After a 30 comment period the Board will make a decision for re-zoning for 2012-13.
Parents are welcome to send all ideas and recommendations now to Sharron Pitts at and get involved in this process.

She commended Parkside on being a very desirable school and has an extremely high number of APS employees children at the school due to the outstanding reputation.

Ms. Pitts also reported that Parkside will be an open enrollment school for 2011-12 and there should be about 80 available slots spread out pretty evenly across grade levels.  It will be a lottery system if more than 80 people request transfers into Parkside.  No preference for APS employees, families with siblings already at the school or people who live close by.

Brenda Muhammad reported on the six SACS requirements concerning the Board’s recent issues.  The Board hopes have this resolved by May 1.  They meet every Monday from 7-10 PM and invite all parents to attend.  Recaps are posted on the APS website and all meetings are streamed live on the internet as well.  Please feel free to contact Brenda with any questions or concerns at

Tammy concluded with comments about the CRCT investigation which is still in its beginning phase with the federal inquiry.

Sherri Scott from St. Paul United Methodist Church presented a free one week certificate for summer camp at the church.  She described the new camp which will feature art and sports each week with lots of activities in Grant Park each day including swimming.  The cost is $180/wk and is from 8:30-3:30.  A drawing was done with all PTA members in attendance and parent Agenisz Samadhi won.  She has twin 2nd grade boys at Parkside.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15PM.



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