Parent Resources for Busy Parents aka How to Beat the Homework Blues

A few useful websites for busy parents!

Teacher Tube: Great place for videos on lessons.  Sometimes another teacher teaching the same lesson to your child in the privacy of your home makes all the difference!

PBS Teachers: More great videos for the younger learner.  I do believe that has the best kept educational secrets on the web!  Tons of worksheets (with answers many times) that you can print and use for free at home.  Be sure to surf around for other subject areas, but for now, here is the link for math.

Discovery Learning: Videos, Worksheets and more. Phenomenal resource for the global learner.

100 Best Youtube videos for teachers (and parents): – an educational service of Verizon, I remember when Kathy Cox and the folks at Verizon launched this website in the Parkside Media Center!!!  Tons of resources for students, parents and teachers.

Common Core Performance Standards: These are the new state of GA educational standards that were adopted in July of this year. From the website “The Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) define the knowledge and skills students should have within their K-12 education careers so that they will graduate high school fully prepared for college and careers.” (scroll to bottom for specifics)

Understanding Lexile Scores: These scores are given each year to students on their CRCT report.  Here is an article from my Parkside Parent blog explaining what they are and how to use them. – Excellent tool for getting parents to sign up for events and tasks during the year…and it’s free!

Georgia PTA: Everything you need to know about PTA and it’s involvement on the local, state and national level

PTO Today: Website filled with ideas for school parent groups. One of the best resources on the web for parents like us!


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