Which High School Students Are Most Likely to Graduate From College?

success_and_happinessThis is a great article out today that turns a lot of conventional wisdom on it’s ear!  Take a look.

Which High School Students Are Most Likely to Graduate From College?
by Kim Clark, US News and World Report, September 9, 2009 

Parents: Stop fretting so much about which high school your youngsters attend or how they score on the SATs. If you want your student to make it to a bachelor’s degree, it’s far more important for him or her to earn at least B’s in high school and reach for the best possible college. Oh, and saving a few thousand bucks by sending your kid to a community college could turn out to be an expensive mistake.

Some of the nation’s best-respected educational researchers are likely to reconsider much conventional wisdom today with the release of surprising findings from an analysis of educational records of more than 200,000 freshmen who started at public four-year colleges in 1999.

The new research finds distressing signs that demographic factors such as gender, race, and parental education play large roles in determining a student’s fate, no matter how smart or hardworking the particular student is. Those from families with below-average earnings or parents who didn’t finish college, as well as African-Americans, Hispanics, and males, are failing college at disproportionate rates, even when compared with students with similar grades and test scores. Wealthy undergrads earn 11 percent more degrees from flagship universities than comparable students from the poorest income quartile, for example. White men are 6 percent more likely to graduate than black men with similar grades and scores. Women earn degrees at much higher rates than men. Failing to open educational opportunities to all students will endanger “the long-term health of our country,” the authors warn.



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