Grant Park Security Patrol Monthly Report

Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP)
After several months of relative quiet, crime has begun to pick-up in the past few weeks. The areas which are seeing the most crimes include the SE quadrant again as well as the western boundary of the neighborhood.

Reports include the following burglaries from the past two weeks:
700 block of Berne, Delmar and Ormewood;
600 block of Mead and Home as well as 900 block of Gress.
600 block of Woodson and Grant Terrace

Many of these are occurring in the evening hours so it is important to call 911 with any suspicious persons walking around at night. Remeber to activate home alarm systems when leaving in the evening.

Patrol officers are aggressively enforcing truancy laws and they will stop anyone of school age who is out in the neighborhood during the day. Again, please call 911 if you see students out in the neighborhood during the day.

We have had second-hand reports of a pedestrian robbery near the gallery at Waldo and Glenwood as well as a robbery at the Marathon station at Hill Street. No reports from zone 3 crime analysis officer can confirm these 2 incidents. For those residents who walk to the Braves games please be alert and be careful when walking home after the game. In past years there have been pedestrian robberies along Georgia Ave. in the area of Martin Street and all the way east to Cherokee Ave. It is not a good idea to park your car near the Georgia Hill facility or any surrounding side streets. It is best to spend the money for secured parking rather than risk a broken car window.

Thanks to all members for your continued support. For those members who pay quarterly, a reminder that spring dues are now payable. Online payment is available for your convenience. We have been able to maintain close to 40 hours patrol time per week with your support.

To receive security patrol bulletins, please join the Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP). Your support is greatly needed and appreciated. Existing members may logon to view and and contribute to security patrol postings. The GPSP is a nonprofit 501 C3 operated independently of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association.


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