Gotta Love Free Stuff!

I always love free stuff (especially in this economy).  Blame it on my frugal parents who know how to stretch a budget and get the maximum use out of a single coupon!  These days there are no shortage of websites offering “freebies,” but all sites, blogs and freebies are not equal.  Here are some of the best things out there right now.  You’re a busy parent, so I’m searching for items that don’t require too much leg work.  Have a suggestion?  Have a freebie?  Post it in the comments section.


Reuseable Tote

Reuseable Tote

Heather over at Freebies 4 Mom always has great timely items and she doesn’t make you jump through hoops to get to them (gotta love that)!  Here are some of her recent postings:
Ask Earthbound Farm on Monday
Earthbound Farm has already given away10,000 reusable bags, but don’t worry if you missed it this week. Come back on Monday and they’ll have 10,000 more available to mail out. They are giving away a total of 50,000 if enough people request them during the month of April.
Pet Goodies
A brand new sample of Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food is available from Walmart. Yes, they have offered it in the past – and yes, you can request it again because this is a new sampling offer! 

Maritza has a great tip to pass along to you, she said “VCA Animal Hospitals is a site where you can get an awesome pet coupon. It’s valid for first time patients only .

….and she has TONS more!  Visit Freebies4Mom for more deals.

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