CRCT Updates and Resources

dsc_2447It’s that time of year for parents preparing children for CRCT testing.  Perhaps it’s the first time your child is being tested, perhaps it’s a “make or break” year like 3rd or 5th grade, or just maybe testing conjures up emotionally charged memories of your own that you would rather forget.  However you feel about standardized testing and the CRCT in particular, one thing is for sure, it’s not going away!  Let’s help to prepare our kids (and ourselves) for this very important test.  I will be posting resources daily between now and the first day of testing so look for them!

CRCT Testing

CRCT testing begins Monday, April 20th.

Practice Sites: (3rd and 5th grade only)

We are in need of snacks during CRCT week.  Please consider donating a few items to your child’s homeroom.  Please bring in pretzels, ranola bars, animal crackers, trail mix and gold fish crackers.

Testing Tips:

The week before the Test
Review test taking strategies and items your child is not sure about . Talk to your child about how he or she feels about the test.  Make sure your child gets lots of sleep 

The Morning of the Test
Make sure your child eats a well balanced breakfast filled with protein: eggs and/or various breakfast meats, breads, oatmeal or cereals.  Don’t forget milk and fruits.  Don’t “overstuff” your child.  We wouldn’t want them falling asleep during the test!

Be Positive and Smile!


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