Are your kids expressing their full health potential?

Are your kids expressing their full health potential? …a special workshop for parents with Dr. Caroline von Fluegge

Saturday, February 21st at 12 PM @ Perk Coffee Shop in Glenwood Park 928 Garrett St SE # B – Atlanta, GA 30316 – (404) 627-7375

You won’t want to miss hearing Dr. Caroline speak about:

– Mom & Dad ergonomics: The healthy back and neck workshop for parents who haul and lift babies, groceries, strollers, car seats, laundry…and for those parents who sit in weird positions while nursing. Optimal health for pooped parents!

– What a healthy nerve system has to do with stress management and finding balance. How do you get your own mind and body on the same page again?

– Understanding the causes and finding natural solutions to minimize the likelihood of allergies, asthma, colic, reflux and ear infections.

– Have you had enough of drugs and surgery? Is it time we find a new paradigm for health care that is truly about wellness? – Boosting the immune system naturally to avoid tubes and countless rounds of antibiotics. Why do so many children have ear infections and how to treat & prevent them in the first place.

– Optimizing proper mental and physical development of your kids. Improving your child’s coordination and motor skills.

Meet Dr. Caroline von Fluegge: Owner of Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic Expert in Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic Care Yoga Teacher and Neuromuscular Therapist Writer for Fitness and Family Magazines Featured on Fox TV and CBS


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