KidBiz 3000 at Parkside

All 3rd and 5th graders at Parkside have now been introduced to the online teaching tool, KidBiz 3000 by their homeroom teacher.  Each child has their own login and password as well as an internet account that they can use to email their fellow classmates and teacher.  Take a moment to sit down with your child and explore the KidBiz 3000 website together.  The program is geared toward each child’s reading/lexile level and new content is available daily for them to read.  I believe you will be very impressed with what you see!


One Response

  1. I have a class of 22 students, each with their own subscription to KB. Do you teach the kids reading/test taking strategies or do you let them complete the activities on their own? I am just wondering what is the best way to handle this when they are each at their own level. Everyone is in the computer lab at the same time. Any thoughts?

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